Mindfulness Doesn’t Have to Be Whitewashed and Goal-Oriented

By | September 29, 2018

In the nebulous world that is American spirituality, it can be hard to trace a practice back to its origin. So many traditions and rituals—yoga, Sufism, Kabbalah—have made loop-de-loops across the world, morphing and twisting along the way before eventually landing in the digital folds […]

The apps, on the surface, are all seamless in their interface, and offer multiple types of meditation. Calm—co-founded by tech entrepreneur Acton Smith and valued at $250 million—urges people to choose their motivation: reducing anxiety, or getting better sleep. Headspace, co-founded by erstwhile Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, has approximately 30 million users, also allows users to track their “Mindful Minutes” on the Apple health app.