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HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality headset for Windows 10

Microsoft has finally dropped details on the Windows 10 release, but that’s not all it announced today. There’s a new component of the OS called Windows Holographic, which you can interact with using the Microsoft HoloLens headset. It’s a visor that covers your entire field of vision, but instead of taking over everything you see like the Oculus… Read More »

How can I make my smartphone smarter?

Your life in your hands Presented by Prof Danielle George Engineer and lecturer In association with The Royal Institution External Many of us own a smartphone and use it everyday for making calls and sending messages. But as the name suggests, smartphones can do much more than these simple tasks. […] Click here to view original web page… Read More »

The $35 Tablet That Is Changing The Education Landscape In India

As anyone in the US with children of school-age can attest, technology enhanced learning has become a standard. Increasingly, that computing is embedded in the methods that children learn. Moreover, “flipped classrooms” are taking hold.  Under this model, lectures and homework in a class are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class… Read More »

Checklist: Are You Ready for iPads In Your School?

By Sam Gliksman The following is the third of a series of excerpts from Gliksman’s book iPad in Education for Dummies . It seems that every school is considering purchasing iPads these days, and Apple has reported that iPad sales to schools are currently outselling MacBook sales by a […] Determining Whether You’re Ready There’s no point in… Read More »

Google picks up incredible visual translation app Word Lens and makes it free

Google has purchased Word Lens, an impressive app that translates foreign languages in real time using the iPhone and Android smartphone built-in camera. It’s now free for a limited time. Word Lens  Image credit: Apple Back in 2010, a company called Quest Visual debuted a little app called Word […]

Africa – the mobile continent

Africa is a mobile only continent. Phones were never meant to be tethered to the wall like a goat. Mobile is their natural state and everywhere you go in Africa, you see people with $10 mobiles. There’s kiosks everywhere, that offer phone charging, airtime, money transfer, recycling and repair. […]

250 Infographics on Social and Digital in Asia-Pacific

Following on from  We Are Social ‘s hugely popular  Social, Digital and Mobile Worldwide in 2014  report last week, we’re very pleased to share an even more detailed look at the online landscape around the  Asia-Pacific  region. It also turns out that a week can make a big difference […]

Why The Microsoft Surface Just Died Last Week

Would I purchase the Microsoft Microsoft Surface? Not anymore. And I’m not sure that you should either. I’m looking for a new laptop and the Surface has been one of the top contenders. I like it a lot. And although a slow seller for Microsoft it’s been gaining in […]

My Teacher Is an App Episode guide

Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology

Cell Phones Nearly Ubiquitous in Many Countries Survey Report Technology 09 In a remarkably short period of time, internet and mobile technology have become a part of everyday life for some in the emerging and developing world. Cell phones, in particular, are almost omnipresent in many nations. The internet […]