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Ustad Mobile

A big thank you to Mike Dawson for agreeing to present the Ustad Mobile authoring tool to my students at UNM. You can download the tool at

M-learning design analysis phase: some questions to ask

I thought I’d share here what I have just said to my mobile learning students about the analysis phase of the mobile design process. You have to investigate the characteristics of the learners that it will serve, and the course, program, and organizational context in which it will be situated. You want to ask the right questions to… Read More »

Educational Design Research: Designing Mobile Learning Interventions for Language Learners

by Agnieszka Palalas & Terry Anderson This chapter presents a case of an EDR study completed at a Canadian college and resulting in developing an innovative educational intervention, Mobile–Enabled Language Learning Eco-System, as well as corresponding design principles. The first section provides an overview of the educational problem targeted by the study, its purpose and outcomes (further elaborated in… Read More »

Mobile Learning Part 1: Designing it right [GUIDE]

Image: /m/0/website-free-thinking-free-guides-designing-mobile-learning.jpg Mobile learning has pushed beyond the ‘what if’ hype to ‘what now’ – how do we make this work for real. Our guide on designing mobile e-learning focuses on just that, with: 10 design tips for designing mobile e-learning to make an impact 10 examples of where […]

The Global Search for Education: It’s an App App App App World!

2014-01-09-cmrubinworldcanadajeffjohnsonpix3500.jpg "What is important is that the user remains in charge – that the app enables productivity, rather than encouraging dependency." – Howard Gardner/Katie Davis With Apple’s recent announcement that customers spent over $10 billion on the App Store in 2013, including over $1 billion in December alone (over […]

Social learning in a medical photo-sharing app for doctors

Figure 1 , a free medical photo-sharing app for health-care professionals, has been likened to Instagram for its social functions of posting, favoriting and commenting on photos. It’s also a useful learning tool. Co-founder Joshua Landy , MD, a Toronto-based critical care physician, had an idea to expand the […]

Mobile Devices Drive Creative Instruction

At New Milford High School in New Jersey, sophomores in geometry use their mobile devices to answer questions about angles through a program called Poll Everywhere. The school is among several in the U.S. that are using mobile devices in unique ways. For Scott Newcomb, a fourth-grade teacher at […]

Courses, or learning episodes?

Delgates take pics during Andrew Jacob’s Hero Story During a recent Learning Pool Live event in London, I posted the following message on Twitter: Move away from courses, towards events, experiences, challenges. It was the result of a conversation and some thoughts during one of the presentations. It was […]

5 Key Trends In Enterprise Mobility For 2014

cloud-computing Enterprise mobility together with growth in cloud computing and the rapidly evolving mobile app development growth assures a promising times for 2014. While a combination of these path breaking technologies is gradually radically altering the way enterprises approach business, these will be among the top strategic initiatives for […]

Mobile Learning Design

Float Mobile Learning Services This past year saw great headway made by a number of mobile learning providers and by companies using mobile learning for their employees. In this post, you’ll read about the many ways mobile learning moved forward in 2013 in a number of categories – from […]