Call Cloud: Ideas in Mobile Learning, Symposium 6th – 7th March 2014, Watershed, Bristol UK

By | December 21, 2013

The Ideas in Mobile Learning symposium invites either ‘ideas’ abstracts or ‘ideas’ for the mobiLearnFest component of the Symposium around the broad themes of ‘innovation, creativity and sustainability’ for mobile learning. However, we have a strong preference that papers address at least one of the following three trends of mobile learning state-of-the-art research (click here for details):

The symposium is a research off-shoot of the successful workshop ‘Towards sustainable mobile learning scenarios’ held in Bristol 9th-10th October, 2013. Requested contributions should offer any combination of conceptual, critical, design, empirical, theoretical or experimental work that relates in some way to the symposium’s broad themes and/or the three trends. Places are limited to 40 participants in order to enable a single track event where engaging, interdisciplinary conversational threads will be centre stage.