Research and Instructional Design

Research Experience

  • Researcher/Consultant (2012-present). Mobile and E-Learning Solutions to Reduce Critical Health Disparities in Ghana: A Cross-cultural Collaboration between Ghana, Canada, and the USA. Funded by Grand Challenges Canada.
  • Research Project Lead (2011-2013): Orientation Scavenger Hunt for Mobile Devices- Interdisciplinary project connecting faculty, students and IT professionals across GBC departments.
  • Research Project Manager and Co-researcher (2011-2013). Six faculty and student mobile/blended learning research projects at various departments at GBC.
  • MLO_WordScavengerHunt_Design studentResearcher (2011), Athabasca University: National Survey of Mobile Learning in Canada. Funded by Rogers Canada.
  • Research Project Lead (2008-2009): Occupation-Specific Language Profiles – Phase 2: Adjunct Communications Course for Accountants. Blending mobile, online and in-class learning. Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.
  • Research Project Lead (2007-2008): Occupation-Specific Language Profiles – Phase 1. Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.
  • Research Lead (2007-2009): College to Workplace – Language Benchmarking. Funded by the School of Business (GBC).
  • Doctoral Research (2009-2011): Design guidelines for Mobile-Assisted Language Learning objects supporting the development of ESP listening skills.

 Mobile & e-Learning/ Curriculum Design/Instructional Design

George Brown College, Toronto >>>  2005 – May 2013

  • Mobile Learning Specialist, The Innovation in Teaching and Learning Engagement Hub (2011-2013)

  • Designed and assisted in executing the mobile learning strategy for the College
  • Assisted with evaluation and adaptation of m-learning activities and solutions
  • Identified resources to support faculty and students in developing m-learning strategies and digital fluency skills
  • Led m-learning initiatives and research projects
  • Liaised with other colleges, universities, industry partners, and m-learning associations
  • Disseminated results of m-learning pilots and research studies
  • Assisted in development, testing, and implementation of m-learning apps
  • Coordinated and facilitated activities before, during, and after m-learning events
  • Curriculum Specialist, The Office of Academic Excellence (2009-2011)

  • Reviewed and evaluated courses and programs for undergraduate, diploma and certificate programs across various domains and faculties
  • Consulted on program development, curriculum modification and development, implementation of effective teaching strategies, program and course mapping, instructional design, assessment approaches, use of technology, innovative solutions for effective content and delivery
  • Conducted and coordinated benchmarking of three college programs
  • Collaborated with faculty, administrators and industry partners to implement effective teaching practices and develop a supportive learning environment
  • Delivered Professional Development presentations with respect to interactive, collaborative and communicative teaching strategies, evaluation rubrics, course outlines and outcome-based teaching
  • Prepared and presented reports and program enhancement recommendations to stakeholders
  • Researched and analyzed College programs and workplace requirements to recommend curricular improvements and ensure student success
  • COMM/ESP Mobile Tasks Designer and Developer – Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Research Project
  • COMM 1154/1155 Curriculum Developer, ESL and Computer-Assisted Language Learning Instructor – Occupation-Specific Language Profiles
  • Instructional Designer – College to Workplace: Language Benchmarking
  • ESP Curriculum Writer – Enhanced Language Training for IT professionals, ESL for Technology
  • COMM1130 Curriculum Writer – Construction Management Language Bridging Program
  • Curriculum Reviewer – OSLT Construction Trades Curriculum