24 iPad Apps to Support Bloom’s Taxonomy

By | May 18, 2015
24 iPad Apps to Support Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy, introduced in the 1950s as a system of organizing learning objectives into a pyramid, traditionally has started with creating at the top, followed by evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding, and remembering. Some educators today are flipping the triangle so that remembering is on top, followed by understanding, applying, […]

During an edWeb.net webinar, educational technologist Kathy Schrock presented a variety of apps for iPads that can boost student engagement and collaboration, and that can be used for teaching and learning according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

“Understanding” apps should help users summarize facts and ideas and retell information and events:
ShowMe – Users can record voiceover whiteboard tutorials and share them online. For a small fee, teachers can create a ShowMe group that only students can see.
Skitch – Users can add arrows, shapes, and text to images pulled from their iPad photos, such as adding arrows or highlighting routes on maps, and taking pictures of items to help students count.
ScratchWork – Students can take notes and browse the web in side-by-side viewing, and also can explain ideas and concepts as they go along.
Pixntell – Users add images, record audio, then create the movie. […]