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Mindfulness Doesn’t Have to Be Whitewashed and Goal-Oriented

In the nebulous world that is American spirituality, it can be hard to trace a practice back to its origin. So many traditions and rituals—yoga, Sufism, Kabbalah—have made loop-de-loops across the world, morphing and twisting along the way before eventually landing in the digital folds […]

The apps, on the surface, are all seamless in their interface, and offer multiple types of meditation. Calm—co-founded by tech entrepreneur Acton Smith and valued at $250 million—urges people to choose their motivation: reducing anxiety, or getting better sleep. Headspace, co-founded by erstwhile Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, has approximately 30 million users, also allows users to track their “Mindful Minutes” on the Apple health app.

Digital Disruption in Mental Health

By John Stackhouse
September 24, 2018

The new Apple Watch released earlier this month includes an FDA-approved heart-rate monitor, the latest example of how our digital devices are transforming healthcare. Now, entrepreneurs and innovators are turning their sights on mental health, hoping to transform the way we treat our minds just as technology has changed […]