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Writer Duet – screenwriting software

the best screenwriting software ever.

Writer Duet is a user-friendly scriptwriting software. It helps you write and share screens with one, two, or many different people at once. It’s main feature is that two or more screenwriters can log in to Writer Duet, for free, and edit the same exact script on the screen, in real-time. This webapp is not just a collaboration suite but a pretty nice little screenwriting software package for single writers as well.

In Bangladesh, a Mobile App Provides a Platform Where Women Can Feel Free to Talk

Women’s participation in economic activities in Bangladesh has increased but their health issues are being neglected. Image by Zakir Hossain Chowdhury. Copyright: Demotix (03/10/2011) When you hear the word Maya Apa , its sound like a human name. But it is not. It is an Android-based mobile application. This […]
Bangladeshi Women at Jabal al-Noor, Makkah on 4 April 2015

Through this app any woman can ask any question without revealing her name. The app maintains total anonymity for its users, who only need an email address to register. Expert advice is usually provided within 24 to 48 hours by a team of doctors, lawyers and counsellors. They respond in the language indicated by the user’s questions. A startup called has launched this mobile app for women in Bangladesh. The developers of the app, Achia Khaleda Nila and Shubrami Moutushy Mou, both women, argue that the app can be instrumental in empowering women in the country. The app was funded by development organisation BRAC. […]