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The First 5s with iPads

by Beth Holland @ Edutopia

With the start of school approaching and the looming expectation of incorporating iPads into the curriculum becoming a reality, the big question many educators are asking is: “Where should I begin?” Last year, I wrote about 5 Steps for the First 5 Days. However, what about the five days after that?

It can seem daunting to envision a year’s worth of activities with iPads, but when taken in small chunks, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. Taking a note from Alan November‘s talks about the #1st5days, consider what is possible in the first five hours, days, and weeks of school.

The First 5 Hours

One of the great benefits of iPads is the immediate access to a camera and microphone. On that first day of school, consider the following activities:

  • Take a picture of each student to use as a visual attendance sheet, to create avatars, or as an icebreaker. These photos could be used for a Back to School slideshow or an end-of-year retrospective.
  • Ask students to take a series of self-portraits to document their first day. These images could be used in later projects or at the end of the year as a visual for reflecting on what has been learned.
  • Record videos of all students introducing themselves or describing their goals for the year. This might be a less intimidating way for new students to talk about themselves or provide a forum for seniors or eighth graders to contemplate beginning their last year in your school.

The pictures or videos captured during these initial activities could even be posted to a Padlet Wall┬áto create a digital bulletin board. As an added bonus, your Padlet Wall becomes a great reference as you learn new names and faces during the first week […] Read more